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Create a stylish promotion by making apparels as your branding medium.


The styles and trends in the apparel industry keep changing rapidly. It is a world of fast fashion, with every passing season the fashion of the past season becomes passé affecting the demands of the market. Amidst this fast changing fashion and demand cycle, it becomes a major task to choose a right product on the grounds of common customer preferences and wearing comfort. The decision is to be made on the basis of a retail landscape. The style with maximum wearing comfort and classic appeal makes an ideal promotional product. Currently the wearable’s sector holds the largest share in promotional products market, which is 35% of the total share.

Style does not essentially demands a complex silhouette, an eye catchy apparel can be created with simplest pattern compiled with an alluring graphic print. One can also make use of slogans or social messages to add to its appeal.  For example, a basic t-shirt sporting a digital printed logo is both cost-friendly and purpose serving. As market trends shift so does it effects the classic styles in some minor measures. It may not have a large impact on classic trends but the use of fabric or finishing may undergo some alterations.

Here are three best examples of promotional branding with apparels that will help you to hit the promotional market rightly.



Promo Tee - PPAI Expo

Basic T-shirts

A basic t-shirt is like a homecoming, everyone loves wearing it and definitely owns one. Branding on a simple t-shirt also allows maximum exposure at it comes under the casual clothing and therefore is exposed to a large number of audiences. Completed with a captivating graphic print, it makes an effective branding.


Polo Tee - PPAI Expo

Polo T-shirts

Reach to an elite category as you brand your logo on a polo t-shirt. Simple and elegant, it lends a broader exposure from being categorized in a golf wear to a casual wear. Choice is king and the classic style and comfort quotient helps it to be the common choice amongst the major division.


Sports Tee - PPAI Expo


Branding on sportswear is a trending marketing strategy in recent time. It is both utilitarian and attractive that gives a large exposure to the brand. The right use of material and a comfortable pattern can increase its utility span. Merging it with a sports team name, it instantly adds an emotional connect to the loyal fans of the respective team.


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