Branding On a Safer Side – Sunscreen Window Shields as Promotional Products

Learn about sunscreen window shield’s increasing demand in promotional product market.

Summers are never easy, with scorching heat, humidity and a few other unpleasant things, getting into a heated-up car is one of these points. Sunscreen window shields are very commonly used to keep the cars cool and aloof from the sunlight. It prohibits the direct sunrays into your car and also looks good with attractive colors and prints. The foldable patterns and hi-tech fabrics enhance its utility factors.

From signals to parking areas, sunscreen window shields never fail to grab attention. Whilst the bold and captivating branding on it helps get attention during the car is in motion. The usually patience testing traffic jams become a good branding opportunity with this small promotional product. Different shapes and sizes add to its design as well as utilitarian attributes.

Nowadays there are many such promotional sunscreen window shields that we come across during our day to day travelling. Some flashing brand name and logo with colorful graphics and the others with contact details, it increases the brand exposure. As per a psychological study the moving objects are amongst the major factors to grab human attention and hence what else can be a better media that the moving cars.

Below given are some of the sunscreen window shield designs that could possibly be an ideal promotional product.




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