Empower Rewards at PPAI Expo 2017

Essel was launched in 1996 and since then, has blossomed into a full-service sourcing and promotional marketing agency that caters to Indian as well as international brands across age, origin, scale, industry, target audience and message. With the right combination of research, creativity and technology, Essel helps brands enhance customer experience through its solutions. We connect brands to the emerging market trends and consumer insights through promotional innovation, custom product design & manufacturing, licensing partnerships and digital innovation.

From toys/premiums, to collectibles; utility items to hi-tech gizmos, our range of products is as varied as it is creative. We have an enviable catalogue of products that includes sporty and practical sippers, licensed figurines and toys, palm-sized collectibles, speakerphones, swanky watches and so on.We are the only promo company to have designed and developed ball packaging into a character figurine by integrating attachable in-pack assemblies to it. We introduced bouncing clay to the promotional market and today, it is one of the most popular promo options world-wide.  Never failing to surprise our clients with innovative premia products, Essel has developed a portfolio boasting of breakthrough integrated creative ideas that tap both, the head and the heart and drive clients’ businesses.


Through our specialised expertise and generalist approach, we design products that cater to our clients’ specific needs. Because of our high production capacity, we can provide an unparalleled range of products to businesses. The company also envisions itself transforming into a world-renowned premia company that has the strength of a big corporation as well as the agility of a small firm.

FMCG, Pharma, Media, Construction, Beauty, Logistics, Telecom, Petroleum, and Liquor to Paint: – the list of industries that we cater to is expansive.


Website : www.empowerreward.com

Please visit Empower Rewards at stall # 81 @ PPAI Expo 2017

Meet your ideal marketing, branding & advertising managers under Promotional Products Association of India at PPAI Expo 15-17 Mar 2017. Register at bit.ly/PPAI2017

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