Promotions That Made Valentine’s 2017 Special

We often discuss about festivals and occasions to target possible customers and maintain the emotional connect with present consumers. But there is a huge myth built around the festivals and the brands aiming to promote their products with it. For example when we talk about Valentine’s Day and the week prior it, which is meant to celebrate the emotion of love is usually connected to the gifting companies, chocolates, apparels and jewellery. Although, brands are now challenging these age old concepts as they connect to the audience with indirect promotions targeting the consumer psychology.

Love is surely a universal language and probably the simplest thing to connect on with your customers. But conveying simple things becomes more difficult in marketing. Yet, we have brought to you the top four brands who made it to win everyone’s heart in 2017’s Valentine’s campaign radar.

Taking the customer database to another level created a heart touching campaign where they selected a lucky user and arranged for a dream date with his valentine. In an adorable decked up date place the couple was made to feel special as the singing star Arman Malik surprised with a live song dedicating to them. It was indeed the best use of user data till date.


Electronics clearly have nothing to with Valentine’s Day but we are surely dependent on gadgets for our day-to-day chores. Panasonic came up with a unique concept where they showed graphics describing the common uses of gadgets with their complementing pairing.


Making a move towards shifting the focus from usual concept of celebrating love to the unusual relationships like roommates and colleagues, Caratlane won hearts with #everydaylove campaign. It changes common gifting concept along with an emotional connect.


HelpAge India

Sharing love with our loved ones on Valentine’s Day is common but how commonly do we spread love with others? HelpAge India came up with this powerful ad of spreading love with ones who really need it

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