The Success Story of Fly Emirates T-shirt

Know how the famous football jersey brand engineered the art of branding.

We are all aware of the one name that pops-up in everyone’s head as we hear about Fly Emirates and undoubtedly its football. Wearable being the largest market in promotional products sector, it is obvious to have more brands opting for this option in different prospects. But not all promotional apparels actually succeed in making an emotional connect. Also, what comes further is to live up to the expectations of the customer once connect has been made. Fly Emirates is one major example with its massive success of promotional t-shirts.

Every football fan has sentiments attached to the team jersey. Targeting these sentiments Emirates has created an effective branding strategy, which resulted in the t-shirt being one of the most successful promotional products. Fly Emirates has always supported their concept of ‘keep discovering’ by bringing in new concepts in aviation technology and experience. Incorporating this essence in the branding, the Fly Emirate t-shirts are a great compilation of new style and comfort.

We bring to you 5 examples when Fly Emirates proved that it is the prominent apparel promotional product brand.


Chelsea Jersey

Watching Frank Lampard play in that jersey who wouldn’t want to adorn that jersey. Emirates became an official sponsor for Chelsea in 2001. The blue jersey with a flashing Emirates logo soon became hit in the market.


AC Milan Jersey

An official t-shirt partner for one of the world’s best club since 2007, Emirates logo flashes out loud on the Italian club AC Milan’s jerseys. The red and black striped jersey has been sported by some of the best players of the club including David Beckham and Ronaldinho.



Paris Saint German Jersey

At the start of 2015, Fly Emirates signed as the official sponsors of Paris Sai9nt German club. Looking towards a cabinet full of trophies and a rich account of the club, the red jersey has with Emirates logo is already in demand.



Real Madrid Jersey

It was big news as the Chairman of Emirates (H.H) Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum announced Emirates as the official main sponsor of Real Madrid.  The logo appeared everywhere right from the kits to the jerseys. With the famous players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos sporting the t-shirt, it is said to have a five year t-shirt sponsorship contract and a huge trend for the club’s fans.



Arsenal Jersey

Fly Emirates logo showed off on Arsenal jersey in 2004 for the first time. It is a huge trend pertaining to the massive fan following of the club. Also, in 2009 Emirates started a joint venture with Arsenal Club with Arsenal Soccer Schools Dubai, which too observes the same t-shirt design as a dress code.


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